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Stigler Yearbook wins sweepstakes

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

The Stigler High School yearbook staff are busting out at the seams. On Monday, Nov. 9, the staff and Mr. Bird attended the 105th annual Oklahoma Scholastic Media Competition virtually. The competition covered books published for the 2019-2020 school year, which for Stigler, would have been the 2020 yearbook titled "BIG-STIG."

The yearbook, once again, did extremely well. The Panthers won the highest honor a yearbook could bestow "Sweepstakes" (best yearbook in the state). This is the fourth year in a row that SHS has received this honor and Mr. Bird's eighth award out of the last nine years. Is that not incredible?

Editors-in-chief Racheal Rush and Cassidi Suggs set out from the beginning to make a great yearbook with their staff, which included: Cheyenne Jenkins (assistant editor), Ethan Jarvis (business manager), Arianna Matthews (social media manager) and staff members Jamie Barnes, Gracie Bates, Janae Bratton, Jada Bray, Kendall Johnson, Sydney Shelton, and Morgan Stout.

Not only did Stigler win Sweepstakes but they also won All-Oklahoman Highest Honors and 13 first-place awards. And to top that off, Cassidi Suggs won the Karen Beavers Memorial Editor of the Year.

"I was honestly surprised when I saw my name on the board. I never thought that out of all of the schools in Oklahoma that I would be selected Editor of the Year," said Cass. "I want to thank the entire yearbook staff for all of the hard work and time they put into the book, but the person that deserves the biggest thank you is Mr. Bird. Without his help I would not have gotten this award and I do not think we would have been able to produce such a great book."

The yearbook staff continues to work hard year after year to compete at the highest levels and it is no surprise that once again the Panthers excelled at the Oklahoma Scholastic Media / OIPA 2020. Here is a list of awards that their yearbook "Big-Stig" won.


  • Charles E. “Colonel” Savedge Sweepstakes Award

  • All-Oklahoman

  • Highest-Honors

  • The Karen Beavers Memorial Editor of the Year: Cassidi Suggs

  • Excellence in Advertising

First Place: Caption Writing - Jada Bray & Morgan Stout; Headline Writing - Racheal Rush & Cassidi Suggs; Academic Story - Gracie Bates & Jada Bray; Theme Development/Copy - Racheal Rush & Cassidi Suggs; Alternative Copy - Racheal Rush & Cassidi Suggs; Portrait Page or Spread - Jamie Barnes & Kendall Johnson; Sports Spread - Janae Bratton; Folios - Racheal Rush & Cassidi Suggs; Headline Design - Racheal Rush & Cassidi Suggs; Index - Arianna Matthews & Ethan Jarvis; Cover/First Impression - Ethan Jarvis; Sports Feature Photo - Racheal Rush; Environmental Portrait - Racheal Rush & Cassidi Suggs

Second Place: Student Life Story - Jada Bray & Morgan Stout; Organization Story - Jamie Barnes & Sydney Shelton; Sports Story - Janae Bratton; Personality Profile Story - Morgan Stout; Informational Graphic - Racheal Rush & Cassidi Suggs; Multi-topic Spread - Kendall Johnson & Sydney Shelton; Theme Development/Design - Racheal Rush & Cassidi Suggs; Academic Photo - Cassidi Suggs

Third Place: Overall Ad Section/Content - Ethan Jarvis; Ad Page or Spread: Sydney Shelton; Single Ad - Ethan Jarvis; Endsheets - Racheal Rush & Cassidi Suggs; Organization Spread - Morgan Stout; Packaging/Structure - Racheal Rush & Cassidi Suggs; Sports Action Photo - Cassidi Suggs; Organization Photo - Cassidi Suggs

Honorable Mention: Feature Presentation - Sydney Shelton; Student Life Photo - Jada Bray

The SHS 2020-2021 yearbook staff members include Arianna Matthews, Editor 1; Morgan Stout, Editor 2, and Jada Bray, Editor 3; and staff members Breawna Starkey, Hailee Underwood, Kendall Johnson, Skylar McKinney, Jaylee Reid, Sydney Shelton, Olivia Oldham, Brooklyn Wind, Gracie Bates, and Jaci Bray. Although this year's staff face many challenges, I can tell you one thing next year I predict Sweepstakes No. 9.

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