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Stigler High School Drama Team performs Spook House

Enter if you dare!!

The Stigler High School speech and drama team dazzled the audience with their Halloween performance of "Spook House" by Billy St. John on Monday, Oct. 26. It was Spooktacular!!!!

Spook House is the home to 10 nice monsters, who unfortunately like so many people are misunderstood. The story began with the tax assessor Abraham Van Helsing VI trying to extort the property from the ghoulish, yet loving, protectors. However, Vickie Stein, a descendant of Frankenstein (you know the green-headed monster that movies are made about), her boyfriend, Roger, throw a 'monster mash' to raise the money for the payment of taxes. Unfortunately for them, wild unexpected guests arrive, including a bank robber and his moll and a pair of comic cops. While disguises lead to mistaken identities and mixed-up bank bags abound, the audience came to recognize that we are all different and unique in our own way... even if you are a monster!

Directed by Kasey Parsons, the cast and crew members included Kynadi Self, Vickie; Joe Moore, Roger; Lakin Bass, Count Dracula; Meritt Price, Countess Dracula; Cole Highfill, Frankenstein; Cheyenne Jenkins, Bridie; Mattison Webster, Serpentine; Mabrie Hare, Cleopatra; Grayson Gilmore, Harry; Braden Drewry, Bob; Zane Oldham, Carl; Ashlyn Armstrong, Jekyll/Hyde; Mackie Miller, Hazel; Averie Amos, Double; Daylee Sloan, Bubble; Madison Wood, Trouble; Ridge McClary, Percy; Emma Goodman, Martha; Claire Autrey, Hunchback of Notre Dame; Gillian Randall, Igor; Cobe Cook, Bert; Emma Upton, Molly; Madely Robertson, Van Helsing; Arianna Matthews, Monica Myers, Katie Matthews, Dawn; Tristin Weaver, Celeste; Jagger Mantooth, Elmer; Skylar, Dracula; and Daniel Howard, Luther: set builders: Martin Hare, Kansas Gulley, Jayce Winkle, Jamarion Warren, Matthew Cowen, Cass Dill, Josh Decker, and Levi Wendlandt; and light and sound crew: Noah Thompson and Olivia Oldham.

The Halloween play also included special performances by the speech team 1 students. Students performing were Kinley Dill, Gracie Fenton, Emily Gibson, Keigan Good, Kinley Hale, Shaelynn Hiatt, Jayden Kates, Jade Maxwell, Olivia Oldham, Elizabeth Orme, Carley Pendergrass, Sarah Pennebaker, Gunner Powell, Will Rose, Corey Spears, and Kenley Ward.

"I am so proud of these awesome kids," said Mrs. Parsons. "I am thankful for everyone who helped, and to have gotten to this show."

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