Mrs. Wendy

Hello! My name is Wendy Smith. I am a Christian, wife, mother, memaw, and team mom to hundreds of kids that I claim as my own and love with all my heart. To say that I am a Panther fan is an understatement. Trust me I bleed red and white. I am also a proud Stigler alumni. I love my school and of course my Stigler Panthers. I also support and would do anything for  Keota, Kinta, McCurtain, Quinton, and Porum Schools. I believe all kids, as well as adults, deserved to be recognized for their achievements, which brings me to the creation of Fan Zone. I am also a photographer, videographer, and graphic artist. There you have it, me in a nut shell.

Note: the picture of me is with one of my kids Nate Bryant. Now he is playing football for NEO. He is just one of the many kids that I have been blessed to know and love.